'It's a Mad World'

Recently BBC Three has been showing a season called 'it's a mad world' focusing in on mental health issues, for example a programme aired tonight looking at OCD.

Now guys, I'm very interested in psychology and more specifically, mental health; I even aspire to be clinical psychologist. I look around and see so much stigma towards mental illnesses and it really saddens me that this is the case. Often people simply don't understand, so talking about mental health and having programmes like this on the tele is a great way of educating people on the topic. The episode on OCD that I mentioned just previously had many responses on twitter with many saying how they didn't realise what OCD was like and even before watching the episode thought the condition was amusing, now much more informed and realising how struggling through the illness can affect a person.

I myself have mental health issues, which I am not ashamed to say, and know people around me that suffer too. This is not uncommon. Mental health should not be a taboo subject. It is real, it is serious and no one deserves stigma directed towards them because of it.

Anyway, I would just like to say well done BBC Three! We need more things like this to keep raising awareness and keep people talking about it. The more we learn and discuss the less stigma there will be.

If anyone would like more information on mental health issues here's some links that might help you.


If you think you may be/are struggling with a mental health issue please talk to someone, people care and you are not alone.




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