Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Well hi guys, I went to the beach.
(Does anyone else think of 'Mr Bean's Holiday' and him saying 'to the beach' in his voice, anyone, nope?) Anyway, me and my Mum went to Bridlington, about a 3 hour drive away from our home up north near Newcastle Upon Tyne but we were going to see a concert later on in the evening there by Joe McElderry, explaining why we didn't end up at our local beach.

So, me and the Mamma Bear decided to head down early so we could spend a little bit of time together which is something we don't get to do too often nowadays. I quite liked Bridlington and got a few nice shots of the place plus gifts, I'm sure my boyfriend will treasure the small plastic seagull I bought him from a gift shop haha. There was also a really nice funfair (and I love my funfairs) which we spent a bit of time looking around. I just love the atmosphere of funfairs and theme/amusement parks!

Now, if I'm being honest I did tweak this first photo more than usual thanks to the lovely person 
who decided to draw a piece of the male anatomy in the sand. I really liked the shot though so thought I'd just kinda retouch it and pretend everything was fine and dandy haha!

Now, one of my favourite things in the entire world is slushes, especially blue slushes. Mmm.
So you can imagine my excitement when I was met with this in the funfair. Just look at all the colours, Jenny heaven right there!  The amount of shops selling slushes that I walked past actually made me seriously consider moving  there haha. I struggle to find these fine cups of brightly coloured mush (I describe things in such a lovely way) where I live so my feelings towards this place were automatically positive to be honest.  Might have to take into consideration factors other than slushes if I'm think about moving there haha, damn.

 This is the enemy of the trip, the evil seagull who liked to glare at me in an intimidating manor. Don't trust him.

Here I have added my broken Primark cross necklace to the outfit, improvising slightly and using it as a kind of body chain. Exciting ay?

Top - Forever 21
Shorts - International
Hat - London Market
Converse - Schuh
Bag - Not sure, had for years
Sunnies - London Market
Earrings - Select £1.99

I've been loving these earrings, absolute bargain!

Let's hope the rest of the holidays stay nice, guess we have to allow for the odd thunderstorm though if we have loads of sun (grab your thunder buddy guys!)

Maybe tell me what you might be up to this summer in the comments?

See you all soon,

Jen x


  1. Thank you for following me! Haha you made me laugh "to the beach".. it totally reminds me of mr bean! love that film :')

    1. I know, such a great film, I wanna watch it now haha :')

      Jen x

    2. Gorgeous pictures!! Love your outfit ^^

  2. I wish I could go to the seaside, especially now in this heat. xx

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    Much love,

    John Setrodipo

  4. Lovely blog, darling! And lovely post :) Your photos are so picturesque. Will be excited to read more things from you <3


  5. Lovely photos! I've always lived by the beach/sea and love it.
    Those earrings are so unique and cute!

    Hannah x

    1. Aw that must be lovely, I used to live quite a drive away from the nearest beach (which used to be Skegness back then) and I always wished we could just live there/near by! :)

  6. love these- makes me want to go to the beach x

  7. Love your earrings! Need to get one! :O

  8. OMG I love Joe McElderry! So jealous that you got to see him in concert! I love the beach too, we need to take advantage of the UK weather before it turns grey again because we have so many beautiful beaches. I'm heading to Brighton this wednesday which is my favourite beach side area.


    1. Aw he's such a lovely lad :) Of course very talented too, he get's too much stick I reckon. He's doing gigs all over this summer if you wanna check it out.
      And yes it may be August but that doesn't mean the sun's gonna stay unfortunatly :(
      Ah Brighton seems nice! I haven't been there (or I have but I've been tiny haha) :)

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  10. I love your layout its so cute and quirky, your photos are also really pretty,A follow back would be great!
    Amber x

  11. You look lovely! Looks nice :)

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  12. I love your outfit! So casual and chic! :)


  13. Amazing photos <333
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  14. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

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  15. Your earring are so sik!!

    and £1 hotdogs? what!!!!!!