Waiting, waiting, waiting

All I seem to do is wait nowadays.

I'm waiting for September when I can re-start my A-Levels, I'm waiting till my little puppy is old enough to take for his walkies, I'm waiting for my theatre group to restart after finishing a production of Les Miserables last month plus I'm waiting for online shopping to arrive. Oh the first world problems.

I do kinda feel a bit like I'm in limbo at the moment and it is mostly that I'm just excited to start school again and (hopefully) do well! I want to study psychology at university and I feel quite motivated to do well this year and get myself back on track. I've got a whole summer to enjoy though which is good, but like I said, I'm just waiting for everything in my life for the next 3-4 weeks-ish.

So, amongst spending too much time on the internet and playing with an excited little dog, what have I been up to?

Well, I've been Harry Pottering. 

I got the Harry Potter books in a nice fancy box for christmas which is very exciting, seriously it's a cool box however, I hadn't really read them fully. I kind of just went towards the films; sorry guys haha. I'm really enjoying them though, love getting lost in a good book, especially when it feels so magicial (obviously Jen it's about magic). Now I'm talking to myself through a blog as well as just generally, smooth.

Oh the monkey cookie was also very nice. Harry Potter books and cookies, mmm.

Hopefully the online shopping will arrive soon, I've ordered some goodies (or treasures as I call them) and as I am a human being who happens to lack patience a little bit, I'm getting a bit frustrated that I don't have any of my 'treasures' in my hands haha. Well to be honest after they were ordered I was a bit like 'right, now would be a good time to deliver please'. I didn't care that it 10:30 on a friday night haha.

Are any of you guys studying, or will be soon? If so what and are you enjoying it?

See you guys soon.

Jen x


  1. this monkey is so cute lol well I have graduated from university already but im thinking to do something about Post grad. However, atm im really enjoying being fashion blogger <3 Have a great day dear xx

    1. Ah fair enough, no rush to make a decision take your time :) I would say do what you enjoy/makes you happy :)

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  3. I was studying just finished this weekend my exams just waiting on my results but it takes so much pressure of especially when you have to meet deadlines! :-) hope your enjoying it and good luck with the results xx


    1. Thank you, and good luck for you're results too! :)

  4. I'm so like you...always impatient for my parcels to arrive!
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    Happy Tuesday Hun xoxo

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  7. I'm not studying although I do get my A-Level results in a week so I'm super nervous about that!


    1. Oh wow is it next week? I didn't realise. I'm getting some alevel results but still restarting haha!