Wow, it's been ages.

Hey guys, wow it's been ages.

Well, what have I been up to? Mostly A-Levels, the dreaded A-Levels.
I finished my exams in June and you would think I 'd feel free as a bird but no, I'm now stressing about results day in 13 days. Man, I hate my brain.

While I've not been updating this, I've been in a DBT group to help with my mental health. I didn't think it would help at all (tbh I didn't think much would.) But I'm thrilled to say it makes a difference, as long as I put the work in continually. The skills from this group are what I'm trying to use now to get over my nerves and unhealthy obsession with the faithful day in 2 weeks time. I'll go into DBT more in a new post but skills such as radical acceptance, have a non-judgmental and being in 'wise mind' really do help.

So, if you're stressing about something you can't control, these things may help you. I believe the skills taught in the group are not only amazing in my recovery but could help improve a lot of peoples lives, whether they struggles with mental health issues or not. I mean, we all worry and get nervous about things we can't help and I've been taught the skills to try and help deal with that.

Radical Acceptance
The situation is how it is and cannot be changed. You are not expected to change it either, it is just how it is and you have to wholly accept that.

Links to radical acceptance. No judgments, positive or negative need be attached to said thing. This includes judgments on yourself or others concerning the thing. Just deal with the facts. For example, if I were to get lower than expected grades in my exams, these are neither bad or good. It is just how it is and by extension it does not mean I am stupid or a bad person.

So, there are a couple of things I've learnt recently that really help me in many aspect of life, especially worrying. Maybe you can find a way to apply them to yourself.

Take care,


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