Bit of Black an' White

Hey guys, hope you're all okay.

I've been partying a bit, woop the life of the British teenager. Well maybe not what you might class as 'teenage partying' given that I don't drink and was simply boogyin' on down to a bit of the cha cha slide. One of the lads from our drama group is leaving to go to uni and it was his birthday recently, as well as Chris' who is also in the group so it was a bit of an all in one party. It was really good, Ben we'll all miss ya really!

A couple of posts ago I was moaning on about not having the shopping I ordered online, well it's here which means I can move on to moaning about something else haha! I've been loving pairing my outfits with a good old blazer recently and I've been loving this one ever since it arrived. I've not worn one since I was in school but I thought I'd make a little investment in a black blazer; y'know simple, goes with everything and I'm so happy I did. I can't wait to get more and I love this style of blazer that I purchased.

(Sorry the photo quality aint top notch, relying on my good old phone for the minute.)

Blazer - Missguided
Skirt - Boohoo
Top - Ebay
Necklace - River Island

This top is something that immediately caught my eye when I saw it on Victoria's blog (vipxo). When it arrived it was quite large and didn't have that much shape (I bought a medium just for reference) so I did some quick DIYing before I went out the door by simply cutting around the neckline. I'll be doing some more to it soon though to make it look a bit more flattering  but never the less I still love the design and concept! I've been looking for a nice dainty gold necklace and saw the lovely skull piece from River Island. So simple but gorgeous plus the detail on it is actually stunning! (It was only £3 as well, yesss guys bargain time.)
The girl with me is the very lovely Abbie at ThatGeordie so check her out!

I've just remebered, another 'oldie' song came on at the party that I forgot I loved! It was 'Children of the night'. Anyone remember it? 

See you guys soon



  1. Awesome outfit :)

    Lydia Rose

  2. Look pretty!

  3. love it

  4. Nice outfit, I love that skirt. I'm a new follower. :)

    Sarah x

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  6. I love your skirt! great post.
    Shelley x

  7. I also love skull jewellery, this one reminds me of a gold necklace I have! I might whip it out tomorrow. <3

    Tara xo

  8. awesome skirt, love it:) Would you like to follow eachother?? let me know xx

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  9. The skull necklace is too cute! Love your top too. ;)

  10. Wooooooo, get down, girl! I love the skirt! I followed you with GFC and Blog Lovin. Hope you can connect with me, as well!

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